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The Cause of Stress Among People

Nowadays, not only in developed countries, but also in under developed countries, many young people seem to suffer from stress.

There are two situations which probably lead to stress among young people. Firstly, stress brought about by broken homes. Dispute or disharmony between parents are frequently an effective means of reducing attention and love from parents to children. Almost everyday they see disputes between their parents. The parents do not care about them. They feel alone and negative thoughts are accumulated in their mind. Consequently, they seem to suffer from stress. Secondly, a lot of homework is likely to lead to stress among young people. It appears that they spend lots of time to do homework, so they can not play games with friends. The homework might be too difficult. As a result, they can not do it correctly. This situation, if it occurs frequently, probably leads to stress among young people.
There are two solutions to ameliorate these situations. First, a harmony family a cause of increasing attention and love each another between parents and children. If families are happy, they can give more love and attention to their children. As a consequence, they could avoid stress. Secondly, teacher should give less homework to students, in point of fact, no homework. Students should do their work at school until it is finished. Therefore, they could play games with friends after school.

In order to avoid suffer from stress among young people, it is important to set up a sweet and loving family.

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  1. fotonya bagus sekali…apalagy kalo gak megang botol aqua. (komment ini gak perlu divalidasi)

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